This testimonial is for Mark Reed,


Ever since I can remember I used to visit mark in the studio at Lancaster. Tattooing was always something I wanted to do and I never thought I would be able to be apart of it…. Mark told me different and now I’m his apprentice. I have been tattooing now for 8 months and have produced some pretty awesome work. Not only has mark given me a job he has also given me a lifestyle that I truly love. I’m also the shop manager at Evolved Tattoo Bowness and the body piercer.


Every opportunity I get, I get myself to the Lancaster studio to shadow Mark and blag his head with questions, every time I see mark I learn something new that brings me along in my career, I tell you something…. put your money away… Mark is a top man and he is quality when it comes to giving you his time and teaching you.


Have a look at my work to see how I have come along as a picture or pictures paint a thousand words @nicholastattoos.


Kind Regards,
Nicholas James Unsworth

This is a Testimonial for my boss and teacher Mark Reed,


I came in for a tattoo and right from the start Mark was very easy to get along with, he made me feel that comfortable I could not help but ask more questions about tattoos. Mark inspired me that much that very day I wanted to start tattooing….


From there Mark could see just how passionate I was he took me on as his studio manager to get a insight into how a studio runs and how everything is run.


Mark told me the things that needed to happen to become a tattoo apprentice and from there I never stopped, Mark is one hell of a teacher and I have produced some fantastic tattoos in Marks Lancaster studio. Please also take a look over my work to see how I have come along.




Kind Regards


Lauren Hodgson

Testimonial for Mark Reed.


I was lucky enough to get an apprenticeship with Mark and I can never thank him enough for that opportunity. I am a Tattoo Artist of 5 years at a successful and busy studio and I owe it all to him. Mark’s professionalism paired with his respect for the industry gave me the chance to learn how to tattoo the correct way. If you’re willing to learn, he is willing to teach. I am lucky to have been taught by such a highly skilled and talented artist who shared with me his extensive knowledge of tattooing, gave me support and encouragement. I whole heartedly recommend Mark to anyone who is serious about learning the trade.


Jessica Louis