Welcome to my page, my name is Mark Reed and I have been tattooing for the best part of 11 years, I am self taught, I’m easy going and very approachable, I teach in a slow methodical way that’s easy to understand and you can ask questions whenever you’re unsure. This Tattoo Training Course will give you the best step in the right direction.

Tattooing is a super fast growing industry


I’m also pleased to tell you guys the location of this course is at one of my studios in the very heart of the Lake District at Evolved Tattoo Bowness.


I’m running a tattoo training course for 1 week and this is going to be an insight into the tattooing industry where we will go over theory and practical lessons. By the end of the week you will understand how to set up a station, strip down, stencil application, drawing up designs, apparatus required, legislation and regulations of professional tattooing, hygiene, sterilization, Aftercare and advice, Difference in needles, Shading, lining, blending, drawing exercises, design preparation, preparation of skin, Photoshop, lighting, photography,…..

Small classes are run with only 6 persons on each course to insure you get quality tuition.


Please feel free to look over some of my work to see my extensive experience in all aspects of tattooing and my wide range of work from color realistic to black and gray and even dotwork.


All training is based around the rotary machines. There will be Certificates given out on this tattoo training course. Next course date 4th September.


Early Bird £1200
Regular £1800


Not only will you have taken away loads of quality information from the training I will also give you my contact information after the course if you need help, advice or have any further questions.